Individual K-cups - 125+ different flavors to choose from! Pick one of this, one of that, and make up your very own awesome variety pack!

Prices start at just .94 each. Shipping starts at $1.85 with just .05 each additional Kcup!


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Web Design

For an initial $60 fee (includes 2 hours of web design), I'll build you a very professional website. You'll  have the ability to view the progress of your website while your existing one is up and running. Need an on-line store? No problem. Products can be added by you at any time. Credit card processing available at an extra charge. Click my logo to the left to access my on-line store and view the websites I’ve currently designed.

*Most websites are designed within 6 hours or less.

Not only am I a Computer Guy, I’m a ‘Soon to be Famous’ author! :) If you enjoy sci-fi, super hero, time travel and murder type books, these are for you!

I now have my own app in the Google Playstore! Install app to get the secret code for a discount on all books!

The Memory Machine    Birthday Killings    Courtroom Killings    The Box    Stones In The Box

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