AC Adapters

Lost an AC adapter for that very cool or expensive toy? Not to worry, we have a great selection of them!

Keep in mind - even though these adapters may be the exact voltage and polarity, that doesn't mean the connector is going to fit. There are all different sizes. How can we you tell your ordering the right one? If you're searching by the exact model number and find a match, it most likely will work. If not, you have a 50/50 chance. For $6, most of the time it's worth taking that chance.

Pictures shown are not always the actual product.

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Model: S690 Input: 120V 60Hz 5W Output 6 to 9 V DC 9 watts Polarity Unknown Dynamic Instrument C..
Model: SCC Input: 120V 60HZ 1.2W Output: 1.5VDC 150MA Unkown Polarity ..
Model: TC-1015-15 Input: 100-120V 60HZ .4A Output: 15VDC 1A Center Positive ..
Model: TEAC-41-091000U Input: 120VAC 60HZ 12.9w Output 9VAC 1000mA Polarity Unknown This is a US..
Model: TL01C-120050U Input: 100-240V 50/60HZ 0.32A Output: 12V 500mA Center Positive ..
Model: U075035A12 Input: 120V 60HZ 6.5w Output 7.5V 350mA Polarity Unknown It says "Insignia" on..
Model: U090030D12 Input: AC 120V 60HZ 6.5W Output: 9VDC 300MA Center Positive ..
Model: U090050D Input: 117V 60HZ 8.2W Output 9V 500mA Center Positive ..
Model: U120080D31 Input: 120VAC 60HZ 0.18a Output 12VDC 800MA Center Positive ..
Model: W48R-05650-EEN Input: 12OVAC 60HZ Output 5.2V DC 650mA Center Negative ..
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