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For an intial $60 fee (includes 2 hours of web design), I'll build you a very professional website. Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg to have it built for you? Look no further. What this means is if your website only takes two hours to build and if you have your own hosting, this is your only fee. ($30 per hour afterwards). Look elsewhere and I guarantee you will not find a cheaper rate. They are at least 4 times as much!

With my service, you will have the ability to log into your site before its live, so you can see how its progressing. Your existing website (if you have one) can still be live while your new site is being created. If you need updates done after its completed, of course I do that too - charges will still be $30 an hour, but in 15 minute intervals. 

Here are some money savings tips: 

1. Have your website already laid on on paper as to how you would like it to look
2. Have the graphics you want placed on your website on a CD or flash drive
3. Have all of the text on you want on your website already typed out and spell-checked in a Microsoft Word format.

Here are a few of the very many sites I have built.

Stone Works Plus

Boiler Heating Repairs
Boiler Tune Ups
Lucas Farms
Brooklyn Chimney
Its Very Easy To Remember
New York City Boiler Services

I also offer hosting at $5 per month (Just $60 a year!)

Simply add to cart and check-out. When I receive payment, you will be contacted within 24 hours.

Thank you!

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