Meet Nathan Hickling aka Blake Stone, a modern day superhero. Blake is about to solve some of the major problems of today's world, problems like murders, robberies, rapes and kidnappings.

With his new invention, The Memory Machine, Blake can see crimes happening as if he is personally witnessing them, even though the crimes that happened may have been years in the past.

No one can keep any memory hidden from Blake Stone.

What does this mean for the world? Will anyone be bold enough or stupid enough to commit murder and think it can be hidden? There's always somebody.

The Memory Machine
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Say Hi To Me!

I know, have talked to, or met every single character in this book - personally, in one way or another (except Blake Stone himself, of course). Thank you all for letting me use your full names.

To the best step son a dad can have, this book is dedicated to you, son!

You and Nate need to hang out more!
Hope I bring in more business to your pizza place!

We got to get together more often!


Yeah, Yeah, I know - out of all my friends you were the only one to get stabbed.


20 years is a long time!


Bring back Midnight Rainbow! I miss the band! :)


The return of Melmac is comning!


Its because of YOUR books that got me inspired to write mine. Thanks!


So... what is the next concert on our list?


Lets schedule another training class in Georgia for the same time!


I couldn’t ask for a better mother in law! My 2nd princess! :)


Thanks for lying for me 25 years ago when I got pulled over for speeding. Remember that? :)


How’s the Florida weather?


Go get those ATM’s fixed!


Sorry to disappoint you - you can’t be a drug lord in this book, but at least I was able to keep you as a major character! LOL


How’s the dogs doin’?

Brad Williams

I hear Chuck Cohen is looking to re-hire you. You in?


I miss having breakfast with ya at the Dolce in Georgia!


Thanks for all your help reviewing my book!


Honestly, I will try to plan better in the future. My dog needs you!


Hello there, Camliving buddy!


Now you got to start selling security cameras in your shop cause of my book. :)


I got to get my car to you before it falls apart!


I knew I would be able to sneak your name in there. :)


Take care of my Bro, will ya? He's such a good guy!

A special thanks goes out to the businesses who let me use your place of business in my book. I hope it brings you more business!

Chacko's in Wilkes-Barre
Computer Shop in Forty Fort

And thank you, J.D., for letting me use your band’s name. Keep on rockin’!

The Tyme Band
Mr. Pizza, Wilkes-Barre
Back Mountain Auto, Back Mountain PA
Pizza Bella, Dallas PA
Kings Restaurant, Mountaintop PA
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