The Coffee Guy

We started off on Ebay, selling individual K-cups since November of 2014. The idea took off, and we've just kept adding more and more flavors to our listing. It became so popular that we decided to start our own site, this one, right here! Why should we let Ebay take 10% of our sales when we can easily pass that along to you? So that's why this site was created. Instead of Ebay charging us 10% for each sale, we pass some savings to you! You will be saving between 5% and 10%. Every single order you place will be cheaper than what it would be on Ebay.

Did you buy from us on Ebay previously?

If you purchased from us on Ebay and made it here, it's probably because of the business cards we send with each package sold. Have coffee rewards money from there? Don't worry, as long as you let us know your Ebay user name when placing an order, we'll combine your coffee reward accounts into one. 

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